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MS Office Integration - Acumin Express

  work directly from outlook, Calendar, MS word or Excel

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  • Record time and / or make case notes from within MS Outlookord without ever leaving that workspace,
  • Take advantage of built in timers with one click of a button,
  • Synchronize your time entries directly to your personal timesheet,
  • Off-line and on-line modes,
  • Identify clients and matters directly from Acumin's database,
  • Save emails and file attachments directly into Acumin's integrated Document Management system,
  • Manage your tasks, appointments and notes,
  • Synchronize and post your time from your Outlook calendar,
  • Manage rates, time and eBilling task codes,
  • MS Office 2007 or 2010 - Exchange or local application, and
  • No special hardware, ISS Server or any third party licensing,


enter and manage case notes for instant look up, review and edit

  • Email attachments can be captured and saved directly into the time / Case file for easy access and retrieval in Acumin,
  • Use built in timers for an accurate measurement of time,
  • Save the body of the attachment,
  • Add additional descriptive information when applying the save function, and
  • Assign additional activity type classification which can assist with Alternative Fee Billing and Matter Costing. 


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