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Web Time Entry

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Time Entry from any internet enabled device, Anywhere!


Acumin.web is an easy-to-use, completely integrated solution that allows you to access information securely over the web using Microsoft IIS server technology.  Enter time, description, case notes, and task sets using any internet enabled device.

Acumin.web provides professionals access to client data, key measures, metrics and dashboards, review invoices, approve conflict clearance, payment approvals and expense reports in real time - all provided by Dexco.




Acumin.web features


Web time entry client / matter dashboards


Timesheets are literally nothing without time entries and proper description.  From quick drop downs, to intuitive selection, we have a simple-to--use features that make life simple.  Use any internet enabled device and have instant synchronization with the firms centralized database - in real time.
  Access client and matter information as well as other key metric and measures.  With easy to read dashboards, information is available at your fingurtips.


  Mobile Time entry Expense reporting

We have designed a special mobile edition of Acumin.web for professionals on the go. Now you can easily track time regardless of the size or type of your hand-held device

  Initiate your expense report anytime, anywhere. Submit directly to your assistant to invoke related workflow of approvals if required


  payment approvals Review Pro-Forma Invoices online

Incorporating firm defined workflow tools, Acumin.web offers authorized users the ability to manage payment approvals from any internet enabled device

  Access pro-forma invoices from iPad, tablet, mobile phone, all within your control for modification and/or review. Incorporate a firm defined approval workflow for maximum efficiency, accuracy and control of billing requirements


Attorney / lawyer dashboard & statistics client / matter questionnaire

View key measures and metrics with easy to read dashboards, all supported with the lowest level of detail for complete reporting transparency - In real time.

  Facilitate the conflict of interest clearance procedure by incorporating a firm defined questionnaire to the new client and/or matter creation workflow and approval process


tasks and todo's  

Review, modify and / or clear your todo list from anywhere.



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