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e-billing for law firms - LEDES


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electronic billing for law firms (e-billing)

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Acumin's integrated e-Billing process is fully compliant with all available LEDES formats.

Simpler, faster electronic billing for law firms

E-billing is supposed to simplify the billing process, yet many firms struggle with the complexity and unexpected requirements that legal electronic billing often brings. Now you can automate and streamline the e-billing process for a faster and more efficient work-to-cash cycle. Acumin streamlines the entire process and reduces operating costs. Delivering business value to hundreds of law firms worldwide, Acumin's eBilling module is a fully integrated electronic billing solution.

What's the issue?
Some clients require that law firms produce their invoices in specific electronic formats ("e-bills") rather than the traditional paper method. This is required because they are using some form of auditing software or specialized vendors who read the bills, analyze specific details and draw certain analysis from the data now that it is standardized.  In order to comply, e-bills must be in a specific electronic format which the auditing software can read and analyse.  Ledes 98B is an example of a commonly used industry-standard format.
Information is used to compare how law firms deploy their resources for work on similar phases of similar matters. Acumin will comply with all format structures defined by LEDES and will ensure that the e-Billing process will be seamless to the user.  Acumin e-Billing is as easy as easy to use as making a paper bill.
Users can process all e-Billing invoices directly in Acumin without third party participation. Acumin will produce the proper LEDES output file in the following formats listed below.  Once completed in Acumin, the e-Bill can be uploaded directly to the Spend Management company's website.
Users can benefit by using the fully integrated feature or a Acumin "stand-alone" module which can intgrate with your current billing package.  Please contact Dexco for more details.   

  Compliant LEDES formats:

  • LEDES 1998B
  • 1998B International
  • 2000
  • 2.0XML
  • Budget Standard or Timekeeper Standard

Dexco Corporation is a member of the LEDES® (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) Oversight Committee (“LOC”).


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